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hey gorgeous!

Being the beauty industry for over 17 years & I have absolutely loved helping women discover their true beauty. Even more so, I found myself giving advice and tapping into that intuitive side to help them better understand their troubles. After going through some life changes myself, I found direction and submereged myself into Personal Development with a mentor that I was in desperate need of. Even though I had many break throughs & cleared many things that were holding me back, I still felt something was missing. Six years ago I found my answer when I met an amazing women who opened me up to things that I knew were energetically there, but had blocked & shut out from my knowing; hence to what started my new journey. Tapping into this gift, I have truly felt in alignment with my Higher Self! I absolutely love sharing this gift and helping those who are seeking the same guidance as well. Stepping into this new purpose has allowed me to not only be a better Mom to my littles, but also a better Wife to my amazing husband. I am so excited you found me & I hope that we get the chance to work together helping you uncover your true Self & higher purpose!



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energy ebook

Want to learn more about energy, crystals, and much more!? Here's a great intro on how to get started with the basics.

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akashic records prayer

Wanting to access your personal "Book of Life"? Here is a simple prayer sheet to follow to open your Akashic Records and ask your questions all about your Soul.

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Abundance Meditation

A guided meditation to help you reprogram your mindset in manifesting the things you desire!


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faliesha meng

PO Box 911527

St. George, UT 84791

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